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Thoughts from some of our gazillion Satisfied Customers!!! (25 year's worth)

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Here is just a very small sample few of the testimonials

we receive from our customers on a daily basis.

These are the actual words without any altering!!!

I just wanted to tell you what exceptional customer service you have provided. I've purchased many things online over the years, and this is the first time I have ever written someone to thank them like this. In this day of internet anonymity it is very comforting to know that at least one company still prides themselves on the personal touch.  I will certainly be a customer in the future and tell anyone and everyone who is purchasing ceramic art products about your site. I look forward to the tiles and paint, and can't wait to get started with my project. 

Thank you again!

Danny (from California)

Dot from Miami

You have a new happy customer!  My daughter and I have been looking for firms that can help us with our ceramics hobbies, with very little success.  We have dealt with a firm out of Miami that scores very low with us in regard to their customer service--and reluctantly placed an order on the 18th.  A few days later, I was looking for something specific, and stumbled onto your website (and found what I was looking for!!).  I enjoyed browsing your huge inventory that seems to cover everything from bisque and paint to mold straps!  Within a short time of placing my order, I had three e-mails from welcome letter with information regarding your business, an order confirmation and a shipping confirmation!  I placed this order after sending an e-mail to the Miami firm because I never received so much as an order confirmation, I was unable to log in to check on my order, and wanted to know the status of my order.  They still have not answered my e-mail, and I now know that I didn't receive their package yet because they mistyped my mailing address.  By the way--I received your package today--just three days after placing my order!! is everything we are looking for--I'll be back!!  Thank you!!!!
P.S.  And we won't be ordering from the Miami firm any more!!!!!


Helen from Montana:

"Great service. They shipped my order within 24 hours"

Nancy from California:

"They didn't have what I was looking for but I sent them an email & they were able to get it for me promptly and at a great price"

Joyce from New Hampshire:

"Great service and variety. I got free shipping and it arrived in 6 days from placing my order"

Bill from Nebraska:

"They carry a wide variety of plastercraft at a great price! Also had very fast service"

Debbie from Virginia:

"Great prices, free shipping and very fast service"

Sam from Florida:

"They always have what I'm looking for and get it to me quickly"

Jan from New York

You have a customer for life! Thanks for your great service

John from South Carolina

I cant believe you got my order out the same day. You saved the day!

Teri from New Jersey

Your technical advice was on the money!

Connie from California

My Christmas tree stars arrived so fast I can use them this year.

Tom from Minnesota

Thank you so much for getting my order out so quickly

Betty from So. Carolina

Your prices were great, couldn't find them this good in my neighborhood.

Ann from Oklahoma

The dreidels were a huge hit, everyone including the adults loved them

Susan from Connecticut

With the new year & all of the activities at this time of year, I am very impressed by your wonderful service! I couldn't be more pleased with what I ordered, I have fixed my tree. I'm so glad I could save this family piece!

Daphne from France
I’ve take an order on your site the 1st December. And it did arrive Friday ! I would really like to thank you for your great service. My underglazes where very carefully packed and protected, the delivery have been made in just a few days. I’m also very satisfied by your huge colour range choice. I will definitely order again on you site !


Joann from Connecticut

My thanks for your immediate response. Looks like I have found some wonderful people to do business with!

Rita from Pennsylvania

Just wanted to say thanks for getting our order out as quickly as you did.  We got the ceramic pieces in plenty of time and the children loved painting them.  I was very happy with all the products we received. Thanks again for all you did to get the order out to me as quickly as you did.

Halley from New York

Well I'm really happy with
the customer service at your store, and the delivery was really fast I
mean the fastest that I know of, and I only paid for basic shipping.

John from Canada

I can't believe you shipped my order the same day I ordered it. Internet businesses should take note and provide such quality customer service!

Isaac from California

 Its nice to know there is a phone we can call and an address we can write to in case we have questions that cant be resolved by email. And thanks for letting me write a check.    I don't use credit cards and it was nice to be able to purchase on the internet without a credit card.

Betty from Ohio

I can't believe I got a response on Thanksgiving Day!! What great Customer Service !!

Suzie from Kentucky

I ordered at 10am and I got an email saying my order had been shipped at 3pm Wow!

Linda from Washington

You guys really answer emails fast and the info you gave us was right on the mark!

William from South Carolina

I wished all companies had customer service like yours.

Lauren form St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

Wow! I wrote in to ask a question and you replied in 5 minutes. Then I placed an order and it was on my door step in a few days. Keep it up! I will be back real soon!

Harold from Athens, Greece

Your order arrived so promptly and well packed. Your web site is so full of useful information. Thank You

Marcello from Barcelona, Spain

I ordered several pottery tools on a Monday and my package arrived in 8 days. Muchas gracias for your great service.

Judith from Alabama

Thank you for answering so many of my questions. Its nice to see a company that operates the old fashion way. With customer service.

Pam from Missouri

I must say, I have never had service like this at any other supplier. Very
helpful, very prompt replies. I like the fact that I am communicating with
real people, as opposed to the larger, machine-run corporations where my
inquiries are left unanswered for days or ignored completely. I
definitely plan on buying here again the next time I loose or break any more of my
ceramic tools. Feel free to add this to your satisfied customer list.

Katherine from Alaska

I put several colors of paint into my cart but repeatedly got more of the
same instead of the new colors.  I called today and my order was completed
and shipped.  The gentleman that helped me, Al said it was my browser and to
log off next time and start again.
Thanks for the great service.


Martha from New Jersey

You're amazing!  My order just arrived and everything is perfect.  I love your designs, your quality is really great and I can't believe how quickly it got to NJ from Cal.  I will refer people to you without hesitation. 

Holly from New York

What quick reply!  5 minutes, thank you for answering all of my questions!

Perry from Ct.

I emailed you to ask questions about painting on tiles and you replied in minutes and then i ordered and received my order in a couple of days. I think you should give some lessons to big corporations. Thanks

Sandy from North Carolina

The service and value i got was really good. They shipped fast.

Jen from Alaska

Thank you for being online and for having such great products and service. I will tell all my friends.

Julie from Utah

Wow, I ordered on Monday and got it wed. I will be back for my holiday shopping.

Rose from Hawaii

Mahalo , for having the paints I couldn't find anywhere and at a great price.

Kristin from Nebraska

Your customer service person was so nice and helpful and didn't try to sell me things I did not need. Got my order fast.

Don from Alabama

I am so glad you had the kiln part I needed to fix my wife's kiln, now I can go back to watching TV

Barbara from Florida

The store I had here in town closed so I'm glad you offered free shipping and the variety I liked.

Diane from California

I like the fact you get new things in all the time and you have a great specials section.

Vladamir from Columbia

We cannot buy the duncan colors in my city. Your service is excellent!

Lakeyshia from Turkey

First of all, let me say that I have been very impressed with your company.  I was impressed when I got the first email saying my item had been shipped and you all haven't let me down now.  :)  This type of customer service is something that other companies can learn from (trust me, lately I've had bad customer service everywhere!).  I just wanted to say Thank you.

Amy from Michigan
I received my order today, and I have to let you know how impressed by the packaging I was. Everything made it great and I'm very happy with all of it. Thanks for your attention to detail and I'm sure I'll be ordering again. Have a wonderful day.

Wendy from Arizona

Good afternoon,
I received my order today and everything was in perfect condition. I
appreciate your service and quality of products!
Thanks again,

Dave From Virginia

Just a note to say "thank you" for your wonderfully prompt service. You really are second to none and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again,

Francisco from Madrid, Spain

Muchisimas gracias, thank you for your great service

Antonio from Siena, Italy

What a great service, good products

Phillip from Oklahoma

Great service, products and staff!

David from Arizona

Great prices and they are so helpful, reply to emails fast and ship fast.

Norena from Scotland, UK

Thank you so much, very pleased with item

Margaret from Florida

My order arrived this afternoon, and all is well.. You pack beautifully. I will enjoy every minute spent painting these little buildings. I have in the past painted over 150  buildings for our children, grand children, and now for our great grands! I am so thankful for finding you on the internet!
Thanks so much! One happy painter!

Ann from Colorado

I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much!  I am very impressed at how fast my order was processed and shipped.  I ordered on the 19th, and by the afternoon of the 25 my order was on my doorstep.  I have checked the order out and everything is amazing!  I will be keeping your web site book marked, as well as share it with my mom who at one time was huge into ceramics.  As for me, years ago I started a tradition with my kids that we paint ceramic orniment for our Christmas tree.  I actually have the kids do 2 each.  One goes onto the tree, and one goes into a box for their own tree after they move out.  Actually I have one daughter that will get her orniments this year for her to put onto her own tree.  Over the last few years it has gotten harder and harder for us to find the orniments, in fact we were unable to do our orniments last year because of lack of supply.  So thank you for letting me keep up my family tradition!!!!
 A very happy customer
 Nelda from Illinois

Linda from California

I just want to tell you that you made my Christmas!! I ordered my Christmas tree bulbs just a couple of day before Christmas thinking I will just use them next year and to my surprise I received them of Christmas eve. My husband said "You are going to love this gift" and believe me it was a gift. My mother passed a way this year and she said I can have her ceramic tree when she passes so I put it up and realized there were only about 7 lights on it so I drove all over and look in all the stores and finally gave up and decided to Google it and so I gave you a try and got them in 2 days. I have told many friends and relatives about your fast and wonderful service. I especially want to thank the person who answered the phone which I think was a warehouse worker (he said that the telephone operators where all gone) who made this all possible by getting them out to me so fast. Thank you so much again for making my Christmas special.

Sarah from California

Thank you so much for your prompt service. I really appreciate your company's wonderful customer service. I really enjoy doing business with your company, and I have been very impressed with the quality of your product. I look forward to purchasing more products from you.
Thank you for your time.

Debbie from California

Thank you for your website. Today we need these few items for a science project.

I am sure we will be using your website often. Very helpful!

Jonas from Alaska

We have ordered twice from you in the springtime and are so happy you ship to us up here. All the items we have ordered have been great. We received our order 4 days after we placed it. Great service, specials and products. Thank you very much and keep it up!

Ophelia from New York

We purchased a bunch of items for a birthday party for my adult friends. The prices were great and the service, well we got them the same week we ordered them. Here in NY the bisque costs more than 3 times what we paid with you and you gave us free shipping on the $75 order. We will be back again soon for paints and other items. Thanks!

Harold from North Carolina

We received an old kiln from a friend and needed all the furniture and parts/supplies for it.We found your site and saw you had everything we needed. We emailed you with several questions. Not only did you reply in minutes like you promise to do, you answered all our questions and gave us additional advice and help. Its nice to see cutomer service is still available in todays world! We now have a great new hobby thanks to your company.

Michael from New York

Thank you so much!!! It has been such a pleasure dealing with you and you have beautiful merchandise, I will definately be a repeat customer and look forward to dealing with you in the future!!!

Kristine from New Jersey

My order was received today all complete and packaged so well I was very impressed. thanks for great service and great product.

  Laura from California

Hello Ceramic Art People,  I just received my order today and would like to express my satisfaction of your products.  I am looking forward to painting all four of the cottages.  Keep up the good work,

Laura from California

 Dear Ceramic Art Space, Thank you for being so attentive.  Please know that when I called to inquire about availability and estimated delivery dates, the person who answered the phone was most helpful. The delivery came exactly when expected, and we are extremely happy with your services. We are highly recommending your company for our future glaze orders. Thank you!


I wish there were more things I could purchase from you, or more people I know that I could send to you. I hope you and your business prosper for a very long time. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.


 Mary from Colorado


I can not believe your service, is this really true? No one takes care of customers like this. I thank you and will certainly buy from you again, maybe all my

ceramic needs


Jessie from Michigan

 I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my recent order for lights for a ceramic christmas tree. Words don't seem enough, but thank you so much. I had the lights and star for my tree within two days of ordering them. Even though the season is over, I have put the lights on the tree and have it lit up each night. This tree means a lot to me and I have been looking for years for lights for it, and then it hit me - search the internet; I found your site and now I can light up my tree. This tree was my gramma's and one of her friends had made it for her years ago. I know it sounds odd, but I love it and being able to have lights on it has put even more joy in my heart. Thank You,

 Nancy from Texas

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the quick processing and shipping of my order. You guys are great! I will anxiously await delivery. Thank you for going the extra mile - it is greatly appreciated!

 Janine from Texas

you guys are the BEST

Kristy from Texas

I stumbled upon your site the other day while trying to find the supplies needed for birthday goody bag items -- Ceramic Art Space saved the day. I found the paint pot strips at a fabulous price and our birthday party will be saved. Within a few hours I already had confirmation that my order was processing. The super fast shipping and great prices will bring me back to your site. In browsing around there are several project I see that will make great summer time activities and again the pricing is so great. I will be returning to your site for more items in the future and will pass your site along to all the mom's I know that are looking for inexpensive craft project for their kids. Your customer service is great and your value cannot be beat. 

Meredith from california

I like this company already!  The website is attractive, user friendly and efficient.  I look forward to do business with you, thanks.
Peace  ~ Meredith

Deanna from Minnestota

What incredibly swift service. Thank you!!!

Carole from Canada 

 just wanted you to know I received my order ( SHY WINKING SANTA ) and it was in excellent condition. I couldn`t ask for anything better. If I had known I would have also bought the two cute snowmen at the time too. I will be a returning customer, and I thank-you for your friendly service and the value you put into your customer`s
Carole, Your Happy Canadian Customer.
Louise from ON Canada
Thank you Al,  you provide the best customer service EVER!  Cheers,  Louise

 Shirley from Ohio

I sent an email to your company and got a response right away. I was very pleased when I received my merchandise in the mail within 4 days. I cant say enough good about Al as we went out of his way to explain to me some steps to take in the future. He was a pleasant person to talk with and very knowllegeable of your products.


Delores from Ohio

I received my order yesterday and was very pleased with it. I will most certainly order from you folks again when I need any supplies for my ceramic trees and such.
  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Elerie from Maryland

I just received my shipment of the 9 plaster houses that I ordered from you. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them! 
They were in perfect condition; not a single crack in any of them. 
I can hardly wait to get started painting them, but I will have to wait until Dec. 26th since they are one of my Christmas gifts. :0)
Shirley from Minnesota

Good morning: I received my order and am thrilled with the bisque.
Thank you for the prompt delivery also. My senior ladies are going to
love these pieces. I look forward to working with you again in the
near future. Have a great day.

Melody from California

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with all my purchases from you. I placed an order a few weeks ago and I received it within two days (it was even delivered by fedex on a Saturday.) Today I placed an order at 2 am and I just received a message that it has already been sent. You all have great service and I really appreciate it.

  Linnetta from Georgia

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated you work ethic,  I always receive my orders in a timely manner

Thank You

Mary form Arizona

Hi there!  My order was recieved today.  It was packaged very well, all OK.  I am very happy with how quickly the order was recieved and your entire process.  Thank you for a job well done!  I will definately be ordering in the future!!

Kimberly from Ky

You all are wonderful!!
I have been doing ceramics for years and wish I had found your site long before now.

Mark from Tokyo, Japan

Ordered on a Monday and got my package within 10 days. They answered my email questions in minutes! Will come back again!


Mollie from Washington

I received my order today and wanted to compliment you on the quick service.

David from Alaska

Your web site is perhaps the most functional and user friendly electronic page I have ever seen, and I have seen and used my fair share.

Carole from Nova Scotia Canada

I just had to say you guys are Gooood. I just put my order in 1/2 hour ago and you shipped my order already. There can`t be another company on the planet better then you guys.

Bonnie from California

Dear Ceramic Art Space people,

I'm positively dazzled by the efficiency, helpfulness and speed with which you answered my questions and have processed this order.
I can't believe it is already on its way!
Thank you so much.
This nativity set is a Christmas gift for my daughter so I'm thrilled it will be here so soon...

I will most certainly recommend you to anyone I hear of interested in ceramic crafts!

Thanks very much.  Bonnie

Gary From The UK

Received my parcel today, thats just five days after ordering, to say that I am pleased is an understatement. I would just like to thank you so much for your very professional service, it is very much appreciated.
I have a ceramic tree but unfortunately I lost/misplaced the plastic bulbs for it, I scoured the internet in the UK and could not find them anywhere, then I stumbled across your website and placed my order, I never truly expected to receive it before christmas so you can appreciate how pleased I was to receive it today.
Thanks again for such a wonderful service.

Zainon from Malaysia

Thank you for the fast and very excellent service

 Elaine from Florida

Want to Thank You for the prompt and courteous service.  Received the order today

and I am happy with how fast and friendly this order was handled.

 Michael from Indiana

I will certainly be back to order more houses.  It is nice to do business with a company like yours,and with people like you all.

Thank you again for all your efforts.


Shirley from New York

You guys are the best.thank you

Sara from Los Angeles

(will-call pick up customer)

Thanks again for letting me stop by this morning to pick up my order.  I will definitely keep you guys in mind next time I'm supply shopping.  It's so great to be able to get these kinds of supplies so quickly and be able to save on shipping. 

Ivory from Georgia

Thank you very much for your service!!! A+++++++ and I'm so looking forward to future orders!!!

Tabitha from Maryland

To whom it may concern, 
   I did receive the purple pearl acrylic paint yesterday. I can't thank you enough I truly appreciate it. As of everything I bought from your company it's all absolutely great, and much better in person!  I do many different crafts and you carry items that is not carried here in my local craft stores. I will definitely be a returning customer, and again I thank you so very very much!! 
                      Thank You, 
      An extremely satisfied customer
                     Tabitha from Maryland

Judith from Florida

Thanks for you help, you are always so efficient.

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Red sable 3 brush set A333 round #1 #3 #5
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02.Tiles Bisque unpainted use underglazes 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"
03.Tiles bisque unpainted use underglaze 1" x 1" x 1/8" small tile
04.Christmas tree plastic light up twist med 1'' L x 3/8'' W overall Stem: 7/16'' L x 3/16'' Dia.(100) quantity assorted colors FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT
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06.Christmas tree plastic light up large twist bulbs Height (overall):1-3/8'' Stem:1/2'' Diameter: 3/16'' assorted (50) FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT
07.Bisque round unpainted coaster 3.5"d
08.Ceramic bisque unpainted bi2074 3-1/8"h 1 DOZEN ornaments with hanging firable wire PRE-SEASON SALE LIMIT 2 PER PURCHASE
09.Ceramic bisque unpainted Mask stick pin for lapel
10.Christmas tree plastic light up twist small 1/2'' H x 5/16'' W overall Stem: 3/8'' L x 1/8'' D assorted colors (100) quantity FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT
Ceramic unpainted no fire use acrylic paints only bi1205cb lunch box bank 5 " L x 2 " W x 5" H
Ceramic unpainted no fire use acrylic paints only bi1205cb lunch box bank 5 " L x 2 " W x 5" H
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